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Impacting life skills and mentoring adolescents and youth through play.

we are Skills Maishani

Our Mission

We provide mentorship to young people and engage them in interactive learning on building confidence, improving self-awareness, and acquiring life skills and knowledge to encourage initiative taking.

Our Vision

Promote the learning, sharing, growth, and development of life skills.

Core Values

Commitment: We are driven to serve young people. Our teens and youths need us to guide them.
Collaboration: We rely on the community, supporters and partners to nurture and shape young people. 
Creativity: Dealing with young people requires constant learning, seeking out innovative solutions and embracing new ideas for better outcomes.

Our Why

To create an enabling environment for children and youth where they can garner essential life skills which in turn improve their social skills and broaden their capacity to navigate through life and mitigate challenges. Skills Maishani Life Skills Programs help teens and youths:

To create healthy social habits by:

Boosting positive body image & self-esteem

Enhancing their understanding of the social environment

Encouraging them to learn about their rights and responsibilities

Teaching them to understand the world of work

To build mental strength by:

Nurturing Resilience

Encouraging smart decision making

To develop well rounded individuals by:

Mentoring them 

Teaching them how to mitigate risky behaviors

We Are Passionate About Teens and Youth

We care about teens and youth. Hence, we established this platform to bridge the gap between academic and parental engagement by providing adolescents and youths with essential life skills.

Our Programs

We work with teens and youth in Kenya to promote community engagement, provide essential life skills to empower them in building social cohesion, nurture decision-making skills, and equip them with knowledge prerequisite for life out of school. We focus on safety, wellness, financial literacy, legal knowledge with respect to labor, intellectual property laws, and sexual and reproductive health. Below are descriptions of our main programs.

Teen Wellness Program

Watoto (Children) wellness was established to impact adolescent teens with out-of-school life skills vital for the children’s physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness skills necessitate out-of-the-box thinking and enhance critical and decision-making capabilities.

Youth Wellness Program

Young people require a constant flow of information on matters pertaining to personal security. Having attained majority age does not negate the fact that they are young, active, and susceptible to peer pressure.

Youth Work Readiness

This program is aimed at impacting young people with legal education on matters pertaining to labor, employment, and intellectual property. Youths are susceptible to unfair employment terms, unfavorable working conditions, and theft of ideas and innovations by unscrupulous companies.

Our Target

Our child and youth programs target  pre and adolescents 11-17 years and young adults 18-25 years both male and female who require flexible, cost effective and measurable solutions to solve challenges and promote holistic development.

Our Impact

skills maishani development

Our Life Skills programs not only benefit young people but also the community at large. By enhancing knowledge of key competencies and helping young people learn how to navigate the world around them, (in all its socio-political and economic forms) play a significant role in shaping the perspective of what teens and youths can be and how they can contribute to society.

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