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About Us

We have been operational since 2022

Skills Maishani was established as an online mentoring platform to bridge the gap between academic and parental engagement by providing adolescents and youths with essential life skills to empower them in building social cohesion, nurture decision-making skills and acquire knowledge prerequisites for life outside of school.

Our Story

Skills Maishani is a platform that provides much-needed life skills and knowledge to young people in the areas of safety and wellness, finance, legal knowledge in respect to labour, intellectual property laws, and sexual and reproductive health. Skills Maishani is a Swahili phrase that loosely translated to “skills for life”, and we seek to inculcate general life skills that every child and young person requires and which they would need for the rest of their lives. These are skills meant to nurture and assist young people in understanding the world in all its socio-economic and political forms and help them navigate through society, education, career, etc. 

We believe that our teens and youths are unique individuals who need to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially hence Skills Maishani is dedicated to providing that stepping stone in capacity building and providing the necessary knowledge which puts them in an advantageous position to avert incidences of falling victim to fraudsters, drug use, other criminal activities, teenage pregnancies and provides an understanding of their health and general well being together with knowledge on how to navigate through their chosen career paths, management of finances and other job related social and legal skills.

Our child and youth programs target  pre and adolescents 11-17 years and young adults 18-25 years both boys and girls who require flexible, cost effective and measurable solutions to solve challenges and promote holistic development.

Our Life Skills Programs

Teen Wellness Program

Children’s wellness program was established to impact adolescent teens with out-of-school life skills vital for their physical, mental, and social well-being. Wellness skills necessitate out-of-the-box thinking and enhance critical and decision-making capabilities. It creates a fertile ground for engagement and interactions among children leading to improved morale and boosting confidence and cooperation with peers.

Youth Work Readiness

This program is aimed at impacting young people with legal education on matters pertaining to labor, employment, and intellectual property. Youths are susceptible to unfair employment terms, unfavorable working conditions, and theft of ideas and innovations by unscrupulous companies.

Youth Wellness Program

Young people require a constant flow of information on matters pertaining to personal security. Having attained majority age does not negate the fact that they are young, active, and susceptible to peer pressure. We offer a) online safety skills that educate youths on how to navigate the internet and b) GBV safety skills that sensitize young people with knowledge on what constitutes abuse and mitigation.

Financial Literacy

This program is aimed at providing young people with prerequisite tools to understand the concept of money, saving through banks, SACCOs, credit management, and most importantly the legal liabilities attached to money such as taxes, licenses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in your programs?

Skills Maishani has various programs running every month and you can view our events page or subscribe for our newsletter for notifications.