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Advogames (Advocacy through Games)

Advogames is an initiative intertwined with the teen and youth the programmes aimed at advocating for pertinent  issues through gamified content created solely for the purpose of enriching the life skills mentorship sessions under the teen and youth wellness programmes to create a fun and interactive environment. 
Incorporating games in life skills and mentorship session provides an opportunity for young people to think outside the box, improve critical thinking skills and self evaluation. The games are designed with young people in mind to provide them with an innovative method of retaining information, learning and boosting problem solving skills. 
Our life skills workshops dubbed ‘Mentor Play” utilize colourful, visually appealing games creating a relaxed and safe atmosphere for young people to play, learn, share and grow.

Explore some of our books

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This all brightly coloured activity book for youths is a game book with illustrated path maze puzzles, trivias and crosswords...