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Youth Work Readiness

Youth Work Readiness Program was developed out of the dire need to provide young people with basic ‘life experience’ knowledge. With most young adults learning about ‘adult requirements’ such taxes, acquiring PIN, signing contracts, understanding legal jargon present in official documents etc in their first workplaces or through friends/colleagues. Such naivety exposes them to unfair working terms, poor pay, poor management and communication skills among others. We are seeking to build work ready youth, youth who promote ethical practices and who understand how the working world operates.  This is being achieved through provision of: 

Legal skills

This is a program that seeks to  impact young people with basic legal education on matters pertaining to labour, employment and intellectual property with an aim to promote work readiness and enhance legal literacy. This program will equip young people with the knowledge and skills to understand the everyday work environment and build their capacity to deal with legal issues. Many young people find themselves unable to effectively manage employees and the workplace, are susceptible to unfair employment terms, unfavorable working conditions, poor pay, theft of ideas and innovations by unscrupulous companies. Legal life skills would equip young people with the necessary knowledge to navigate the working world.

Financial Literacy

This program provides young people with prerequisite tools to understand the concept of money, saving through banks, saccos, credit management and most importantly the legal liabilities attached to money such as taxes, licenses, etc. Financial literacy skills are a doorway to financial management. You cannot manage what you don’t understand.