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Youth Wellness

Youth Wellness Program is a mirroring of the teen wellness program with customized information catering to the youth who is the developing young adult. We are cognizant of the fact that youths require guidance in dealing with their overall health and safety. As such, this program provides youths with the opportunity to learn more about keeping safe and the importance of reproductive health.

Safety 4 Youths

Young people require a constant flow of information on matters pertaining to personal security. Having attained majority age does not negate the fact that they are young, active and susceptible to peer pressure. Safety 4 Youths program has been categorised in to two;

i. Online Safety Skills educate youths on how to navigate the internet world through learning how to make smart choices with regards to online behaviour.

ii. Social Safety Skills educate young people with knowledge on what constitutes abuse, mitigating factors, reporting and promote fair and just treatment of others.

My Sexual & Reproductive Health 

Many young people receive some semblance of SRH lessons in the family settings which are the best avenues for learning if at all the information is free from myths and misconceptions coupled with retrogressive traditions which serve to shame rather than teach. At Skills Maishani we understand how the physical and emotional well being of young people can affect their ability to remain free from drug use, early child marriage, unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, STIs (including HIV/AIDS), and all forms of sexual violence and coercion. Our Safety 4 Youth program would provide real, unbiased SRH skills to youth with the aim of providing a safe space for young people to acquire comprehensive SRH education and learn about their right to access RH services.